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It may sound contradictory, but, although the 200-hour course is intensive, we are able to maintain a relaxed atmosphere that is very conducive to learning. We have happy students who score in the Mid to High 90's on the Commercial Driver License (CDL) Road Test.

After Graduating from International Schools, you will be:

  1. Qualified to secure an entry-level job as an over-the-road driver with a Commercial Driver's License.
  2. Aware of safety procedures; alcohol and drug effects; laws and penalties applicable to the professional driver.
  3. Proficient at performing pre-trip, on the road, and post-trip vehicle and equipment inspections and sliding fifth-wheels and tandems.
  4. Skillful in safe driving techniques.
  5. Capable of map reading, trip planning, maintaining a log book, cargo documentation, coupling and uncoulping, and will be aware of emergency responsibilities and regulations of transportation agencies.
  6. As an over-the-road driver, students will travel all 48 states and Canada in all kinds of weather and terrain.

International Schools...A Wise Choice!

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